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CT-R Webinar Series:

March 20, 2020: Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis: Telehealth during isolation.

March 23, 2020: Suspiciousness and Paranoia during Isolation: a CT-R for Psychosis approach.

March 27, 2020: Families during the Isolation: the CT-R magic ally.

March 30, 2020: Self Care for Providers & Others during the COVID-19 Isolation: Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy

March 31, 2020: Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R): An Overview.

April 3, 2020: Groups (Clubs, Workshops, and Seminars) and CT-R during telehealth.

April 6, 2020: Enrolling participants in services: Thinking about new individuals during the isolation (and beyond)

April 10, 2020: Hallucinations: Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy Approach

April 13, 2020: Grandiose Delusions (Delusions as Defense): Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy Approach

April 17, 2020: Correcting Beliefs: Guided Discovery in Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy Approach

April 20, 2020: Love Connection: Romance & Psychosis

April 24, 2020: Negative Symptoms

May 1, 2020: Getting a Job

May4, 2020: PTSD Background

May 8, 2020: PTSD Treatment

May 15, 2020: Engaging Families, Part 2

May 18, 2020: Missing Milestones: COVID-19 and CT-R

May 22, 2020: Hygiene and Grooming

May 29,2020: Activity Scheduling

June 5, 2020: Self-Injury

CT-R Webinar Talks:

March 29, 2020: NAMI Montco Talk: Supporting your Loved One with Mental Illness during the COVID-19 Isolation

April 12, 2020: NAMI Montco: Mental Wellness During the COVID-19 Isolation

April 24, 2020: First Up: Mental Wellness During the COVID-19 Isolation

Tailored Training for:

State hospitals (Inclusive of all disciplines)

Outpatient Providers

Peer Support Specialists

Case Managers

Team based treatments (ACT Teams and FEP teams)

First Episode Psychosis Programs

Forensic Hospitals

Any other settings needed

Training Partners:







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