Recover with CBT

Welcome to Recover with CBT. We believe that people can recover from the distress in life, with appropriate assessment and treatment. Treatment is based on research and a caring, invested relationship.

Published by Brinen

Assistant Professor at Drexel University College of Medicine directing a center for the development, dissemination, study and provision of Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) for Psychosis . Co-originator of Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis. Dr. Brinen is a co-author on the upcoming manual for CT-R. Dr. Brinen presents internationally on topics related to cognitive therapy for individuals with schizophrenia-spectrum diagnoses. He was the chief architect of dissemination projects in multiple large health systems, spanning the course of the illness from first episode through chronic. At Drexel, Dr. Brinen leads a team disseminating CT-R in large systems. In Philadelphia, he has a small practice where he serves individuals with schizophrenia spectrum diagnoses and other disorders.

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